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1. Significant reduction in premiums
2. Reliability of Insurance Companies
3. Just payment of claims
4. Sustainable solutions


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Governor's and Coastal Legislators' Work Group

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Coastal Wind Insurance Crisis






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Homeowners Premiums Gouge Coastal Alabama Mobile & Baldwin County pay 300% to 600% More!



Gov. Bentley appoints new Coastal Insurance Work Group



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The final report of the Coastal Insurance Work Group was presented to Gov. Bentley on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. The executive summary is a decent overview but the multi-state solutions get better coverage starting at page 19.

HHII feels strongly that the ACIA (AL only option, a possible model for multi-state) and multi-state have to be implemented in close succession if not simultaneously or else AL could be swinging in the breeze. ACIA is a strong solution, but it is the multi-state solutions that bring robust resilience, sustainability and all kinds of possibilities for financing community mitigation.

Posted 1/23/2016

Study Finds No Increase in Incidence of Tornadoes/p>

Read complete paper Normalized tornado damage in the United States: 1950–2011

On climate time scales there is no indication of increasing incidence of tornadoes, and the increases documented over the short (sub-climate) period 2000–2011 are strongly influenced by the large number of events documented in 2011. However, the decreased frequency of high damage events in recent decades as compared with previous decades is a notable feature in the time series and provides strong counter-evidence to claims found in the scientific literature that the atmospheric environment that spawns tornadoes has intensified leading to more intense events on climate time scales (e.g. Trenberth, 2012). Such claims are commonly found in the popular media and also in the insurance/reinsurance sector where they influence public opinion and decision making in business and government. The most recent review by the IPCC found no basis for claiming an increase (or decrease) in tornado incidence or intensity.

Posted 11/6/2015

Tough Call: Forecasting Hurricane Season

Read 9/26/2015 Wall Street Journal article by Jo Craven McGinty

Posted 9/27/2015

Coastal Insurance Work Group Update

CIWG has been considering geographical territories to be protected by a new "entity" and the moving parts that will make each option sustainable and resilient after a catastrophe. Everything is in the research mode. Discussions have been extremely fruitful and visionary. There has been excellent group think.

 The Stipulations document was circulated before the meetings began and is being update as CIWG progresses. This document establishes the facts that all members of CIWG have agreed to and will be foundational in crafting a solution.

For more detailed information and links to ratified minutes click on Work Group/Minutes.

Posted 9/27/2015

Do we in Mobile and Baldwin Counties deserve these high wind premiums?

Article by Michelle Kurtz published in Lake Forest's newspaper.

The answer is resoundingly NO.

Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative (HHII) has been working since 2006 on this issue because it is crippling our economy, draining our family budgets which were/are already very tight and because this is a justice issue. Coastal Alabama has not seen a hurricane since 2005, so do we deserve to be paying 300 – 600% above the State average of about $1,000?? (upstate does not have separate wind policies with high deductibles) HHII crafted the Clarity Law in 2010, which required all admitted companies to report to the Alabama Department of Insurance (ADOI) their premiums and claims by zip code for homeowners insurance. In 2012 the law passed, thanks to the teamwork of Sen. Pittman and Rep. Faust in the Alabama Legislature.

When the data came on- line Thanksgiving 2013 it clearly showed that the Mobile and Baldwin had less losses. (view the data yourself at https://aldoi.gov/PICAWeb/Account/CompanyInfo.aspx). And now with an additional years on-line, the dollar-claims per policy in Mobile and Baldwin Counties is $585 and the rest of Alabama is $703 dollar-claims per policy for the last 10 years. The ADOI agrees with our claims losses in dollars per policy. Mobile and Baldwin are not the problem in the State, but we our premiums are 300-600% more.

Tenaciously, HHII worked to make this injustice known to the public, to our elected officials and to the Alabama Department of Insurance (ADOI), the arm of our state government that is supposed to protect consumers. Thankfully, with the full support of the Coastal Legislative Delegation, Governor Bentley has created the Coastal Insurance Work Group (CIWG) which will begin this Fall, after the Special Legislative Session. Representatives from the ADOI/ insurance industry, the Governors’ office, the new director of the Alabama Insurance Information and Research Center, elected officials and educated citizens from Mobile and Baldwin Counties populate the Work Group. The CIWG will meet two days a week back to back for six hours a day. Minutes will be posted on the www.hhii.us web site and you can sign up to receive the minutes. Please go to www.hhii.us to read the letter from the Governor and the credentials of the Work Group. Citizens knowing what is being discussed in CIWG is the only reason why this work group will be a success. CIWG will fail, like the other commissions, unless hundreds of citizens are looking in and giving feedback.

In closing, consider these facts:

1. For the last ten years, Mobile and Baldwin Counties have paid out $700 million in premiums above the state average premium of $950 per policy.

2.In 2013 alone Mobile and Baldwin counties paid $338.7 million in premiums but received only $69 million in claims yielding a $277 million difference. A HUGE GOUGE taken out of our family budgets and imagine how that could help the State’s budget!

3.Governor Bentley stated that homeowners’ insurance on the coast “is unfair the way it is done” on 710 AM in Mobile during the Uncle Henry show September 30, 2014.

4. Existing Alabama law –Title 27 insurance; Chapter 13 Rates & Rating organizations; article 1 states that rates must not be:

 · Excessive to the consumer,

 · Inadequate to the industry,


HHII is a church based, Christ Centered grassroots initiative working to bring down coastal wind premiums. There are seven chapters in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. You can join at www.hhii.us or find us on Facebook at Homeowners Hurricane Insurance Initiative Concerned Citizens Group. We also have partner groups in Louisiana and Mississippi, which have also passed the Clarity Law. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430.


If you are a praying person, please pray for this Work Group. The Lord has taken HHII so far and to Him be the glory!

Posted 9/5/2015

Tea party gets lesson on insurance rates

Click on this link to watch interview on fox10tv

Each Tuesday afternoon this summer the Fairhope Museum of History offers its visitors a cup of Baldwin County Tea and a taste of Fairhope history. This week’s guest speaker gave folks a lesson on insurance rates along the coast. The Coastal Insurance Work Group aims to equalize homeowners insurance rates state-wide.

Years may go by before you need it, but chances are, if you live along the coast, you’ll eventually have to make an insurance claim. The common perception is that hurricane-prone counties like Mobile and Baldwin are higher risk areas for insurers. Michelle Kurtz with Coastal Insurance Work Group aims to prove that perception wrong to anyone that will listen. She said the rest of the state has reasonable insurance premiums, averaging just less than $1,000, but here on the coast it’s much higher.

 “The big problem with that is that actually our losses are lower. Our coastal losses are lower than the losses inland,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz said premiums in the coastal counties are 300 to 600 percent higher than those inland. Tuesday, August 04, 2015 Kurtz brought her message to a roomful of locals at the Fairhope Museum of History. As one of the founding members of the Homeowners Hurricane Insurance Initiative (HHII), she was instrumental in getting the Clarity Act passed into law in 2012, requiring insurance companies to open up their books. Kurtz says what they revealed an eye opener.

“In 2013, coastal residents paid $338 million in premiums and they received back only $61 million in claims. That means in 2013 we paid an excess of $277 million and that was just in one year folks,” she emphatically told the audience.

State Representative Joe Faust and State Senator, Trip Pittman have been on board from the beginning and got the Bill pushed through the House and Senate. Kurtz said the next big step will be forcing insurance companies to bring their premiums in line.

 “The industry and other non-profits are very adequately pursuing mitigation. Mitigation and public education are not on the table for this work group. What we’re going for is a significant reduction in premiums so that our premiums are equitable and the industry is healthy.” Kurtz explained.

The Coastal Insurance Work Group is hoping to spread the word and gather support through grass-roots efforts like the presentation today. To be a part of those efforts, you can sign up for their newsletters through the Homeowners Hurricane Insurance Initiative.

View PowerPoint presentation Time to Fix the Coastal Wind Insurance Crisis

Posted 8/5/2015


The local media, with a few exceptions, have given negligible coverage to the lack of affordable homeowner's insurance and the resulting human and economic crisis.  It is essential that they wake up and inform the community about the ongoing activity of the Coastal Insurance Work Group.

You can help by volunteering your service to HHII's media committee.  Learn more here.

Posted 7/30/2015


HHII can fully inform your community or fraternal organization, or church group, small or large, about what is happening with homeowners' insurance.  The presentation can be as short as ten minutes or as long and in depth as you would like.  Call 251-928-3430 if you know of any who would be interested.

 Posted 8/6/2012


HHII has heard reports of homeowners who have dropped all insurance coverage because of unaffordable premiums.  HHII urges homeowners to maintain mult-peril (fire & theft) coverage even if they can no longer afford wind coverage.

Posted 1/7/2011

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