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Gov. Bentley appoints new Coastal Insurance Work Group

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Governor Bentley and Coastal Legislators -- led by Senator Trip Pittman and Rep Joe Faust -- have created a new Coastal Insurance Work Group. It's job is to work out ways to obtain justifiable coastal homeowners' insurance premiums. HHII has been involved in its creation.

The Work Group is unique in comparison to those in the past. It isn't dominated by insurance companies and/or people who don't live in the coastal counties. This is a significant step. Read HHII Press Release below and here.

The Work Group has been selected based on people who have a strong commitment to finding solutions to the coastal insurance crisis, extensive time studying the issue, and significant understanding of the dimensions of pain.  Read their credentials below and here.

Photo of hhii people meeting with State Representative Joe Faust June 29th

. Posted 7/1/2015


In order to make the activities of the Coastal Insurance Work Group readily accessable, a new tab 'Work Group' has been added to the ribbon menu.  Under this new tab, 'Genesis' details how the Work Group came to be created, and a new page 'Minutes' will announce Work Group meeting dates and locations and provide links to all Work Group meeting minutes.

The old HHII Forum has seen no activity in a long time and so has been discontinued.  You can still contact HHII through the links at left.

Posted 6/28/2025


A brief recap of recent events:

a. On March 18 Rep. Faust landed a very powerful meeting with Alabama Department of Insurance (ADOI). 25 Legislators, 5 Governor staffers, 2 Insurance lobbyists, 4 ADOI members gathered and saw the powerpoint that HHII presented showing how the ADOI was treating the Coastal Counties radically different than the rest of the State, even though Coastal claims have been lower. The ADOI did their presentation. HHII's ASK was that the Governor bless the forming of a Coastal Insurance Work Group and Seth Hammond, the Chief of staff said that this was reasonable and he would make sure that the Governor would see a copy of the ASK by the end of that day.

b. Then, on April 1st the ADOI called a meeting with the same group, but did not invite HHII. ADOI claimed that they would be presenting information that would make an Insurance Work Group irrelevant. Rep. Faust slapped a recorder on the table and we heard our Coastal Legislators going to bat for the Work Group. (incidentally, key HHII leaders have talked to every Coastal Legislator and they are with HHII).  The message was clear – Give us the Work Group.

c. For the last three weeks Rep. Faust, Sen. Pittman and HHII have worked together to craft a mission statement and recruited a top notch group of people to meet two days a week, six hours each day and deliver solution frameworks to the Governor in 120 days. There has been a lot of going back and forth, give and take, starting over BUT,

d. Just yesterday (6/12/20150, Rep. Faust about burst a blood vessel trying to get the Governor's staff people to give HHII an appointment with the Governor.  HHII has not given up on this and stands with Rep. Joe. HHII believes that the Governor is surrounded by the wrong counselors on this coastal insurance crisis and if he could hear a clear presentation of the facts and the solutions he would be opening doors for us.

e. This week HHII, Rep. Faust and Sen. Pittman are putting the (hopefully) final touches on the mission statement and composition of the Work Group. Please pray for Rep. Joe and Sen. Trip.

Please go to HHII's new public group on Facebook and recommend to your friends that they join.

To learn more facts and how you are needed to help turn this around, come to one of the planning meetings listed at right.

Posted 6/13/2015

Louisiana Clarity Law now on-line

The reports required by Act No. 427 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session of the Louisiana Legislature including total direct losses by peril, the number of policies written and direct written premiums by year, zip code and parish can now be accessed on-line.  

Posted 6/7/2015

Alabama Center for Insurance Information & Research

One of the recommendations to come out of Governor Bentley's Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission was creation of the Alabama Center for Insurance Information & Research. The Governor signed an executive order establishing the center on Oct. 23, 2013. HHII's own numbers wizard, Earl Janssen, was appointed to the center's board of directors.  The center's director is Dr. Lawrence S. Powell, who has also agreed to be on the Governor's and Coastal Legislators' Insurance Work Group (the Work Group).

The center had its first formal meeting May 5, 2015.  Earl is 5th. person seated at the table from the left.

Both Governor Bentley and Dr. Powell addressed the meeting.

Perhaps Earl's presence on the board will be one of the drops of water that he refers to in the following muse:

A flood starts with a drop of water that falls from the sky. This small drop is so small and insignificant to start with that we all laugh at it as just a rain drop. If that rain drop continues to fall we get, maybe a glass full then a bucket and along the way the rivers and streams begin to swell so that nothing can hold them back.

This is much like the idea that we are being treated un fair in our insurance premiums. The legislators and everyone else laughed at us, but a few diehards stuck with this idea of fairness in insurance premiums. Today we stand on the brink of a flood and the rain continues to fall on our head. I think that there is a song about that, but that is another day. As we watch and wait the DOI is building dams to hold the truth back. But folks! the flood is near and we have to be patient and let the water roll over the land and cleanse the land of the un truths and the un wise statements that the DOI has made and continues to make. Let it rain our parade We love it!!.

The Lord cleansed the earth with the great flood, Moses and the Israelites drove thru the red sea and the water cleansed the path behind the Israelites. Water is used through the biblical history as a cleansing agent to all people. The flood is coming DOI.

Posted 5/6/2015


HHII can fully inform your community or fraternal organization, or church group, small or large, about what is happening with homeowners' insurance.  The presentation can be as short as ten minutes or as long and in depth as you would like.  Call 251-928-3430 if you know of any who would be interested.

 Posted 8/6/2012


HHII has heard reports of homeowners who have dropped all insurance coverage because of unaffordable premiums.  HHII urges homeowners to maintain mult-peril (fire & theft) coverage even if they can no longer afford wind coverage.

Posted 1/7/2011

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