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In May, ago Gov. Bentley announced that the AIUA would be offering policies to homeowners with reductions from 15 - 27%, also deductions at 1, 2, 5, or 10% of house value. Policies will be Replacement value. This will be automatic for current AIUA policies that are in good repair. This new wind policy will also be available to all other homeowners - just ask your agent to get you a quote and compare the coverages or call AIUA (251) 943-4029.

Thanks to all the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, Gov. Bentley, our elected officials, our DOI, the AIUA and Ecumenical Ministries!! 

Posted 6/5/2016

Governor announces insurance changes for coastal homeowners

During the gubernatorial campaign ahead of the 2010 statewide election, HHII invited then candidate Robert Bentley to come and discuss the “skyrocketing” homeowners insurance rates for Coastal Alabama residents. Gov. Bentley recalled the meeing in his announcement on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at Five Rivers Delta Resource Center,  saying “They were kind enough to sit down with me at the coffee shop, and we met a few times after that. We talked about this problem that affects so many people who cannot afford their homes sometimes because their homeowners insurance is so high.

Read MOU between the Alabama Department of Insurance and the Alabama Insurance Underwriters Association (AIUA) Fact Sheet on property insurance in Alabama’s Coastal Counties

Click the link to read the full Lagniappe report of Gov. Bentley's announcement

Updated 5/21/2016


The Homeowners' Hurricane Insurance Initiative (HHII) has been working very hard to bring together a small group of experts to examine all the facts associated with high wind insurance premiums and on March 31, 2016, technical experts from seven Gulf and Atlantic State Departments of Insurance and/or wind pools  participated in a day-long discussion right before the National Association of Insurance Commissioners gathering in New Orleans.

The meeting's purpose was  to evaluate the pros and cons of several multi-state structures that would collect and distribute catastrophe wind (maybe flood, and maybe multi-perils) premiums as a non-profit, with the objective of minimizing the effects of the interaction of reinsurance and catastrophe models on consumers.

The following day (4/1/2016) the Gulf Coast/East Coast Coalition (GCECC) met in Biloxi at the Steps Coalition to lay out a strategy connecting several layers of our communities - Churches, trade organizations (like realtors, homebuilders), chambers of commerce, banks, local-state-federal elected officials, regulators (DOI) and the insurance industry - where the end result will be that our federal level elected officials will feel the need to make the establishing of a multi-state entity, (such as described starting on page19 of the  Coastal Insurance Work Group report recently presented to Gov. Bentley), a reality.

 GCECC has the vision to give the needed muscle to do the heaviest lift imaginable – to be the catalyst that will return insurance to its original vocational calling in society – to be the source of resilience after a catastrophe. 

As an indication of the breadth  of support for this approach, the following entities were represented in these discussions: a Congressional and a State legislative office  Alliance Institute, the Alabama DOI, BISCO, StopFEMAnow, NC-20, United Policyholders, Steps, and GCEC/HHII  Grassroots organisations from seven states participated in person or by phone.

Charlie Angell (Al DOI) and Michelle Kurtz & Earl Janssen (HHII) and deserve recognition and thanks for organizing and facilitating these discussions.

Click to read Salient Points from technical experts  meeting (3/31/2016) and .to read Biloxi grass roots  meeting (4/1/2016) minutes.  The insurance notes might get a bit dense. A couple of key sentences are highlighted in yellow -- significant statements from the consumer-grassroots perspective. They say, basically:- Multi-state Merged Wind Pools can Morph into a National All-Catastrophic-Perils insurance entity. (Bye-bye BW?) Properly done, Geographic spread of Risk and Multiple Perils offers policyholders the best prices and security.

Posted 4/13/2016


The March 31 edition of Lagniappe carries an informative article on page 8 headed 'Coastal Insurance bill advancing in Legislature'. Lagniappe is a notable exception to the general lack of coverage given by the majority of local media.

Posted 4/2/2016


HHII can fully inform your community or fraternal organization, or church group, small or large, about what is happening with homeowners' insurance.  The presentation can be as short as ten minutes or as long and in depth as you would like.  Call 251-928-3430 if you know of any who would be interested.

 Posted 8/6/2012

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